Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Hello, everyone!

It's been a couple of years.

I have recently been diagnosed with Pneumonia which is AWFUL.
I'd never wish it on anyone.

Today I had a blood test for my immune system. They are going to see if there is anything in my blood that explains why I have a weak immune system.

I am always doing everything I can to improve it. I've had Actimel, probiotic yogurts, Saurkraut, Kefir milk, vitamins...you name it, I've tried it.

The next thing for me to try and do is to lose weight. Would that help? Who knows?

I have a doctors appointment this Friday to discuss my blood results as well as get myself a fitness back to work sheet sorted for amended hours and duties.

My lungs are weak and every day I am trying to improve them. I am told it could last up to a month or more until I'm fully better.

Today is my last day for the antibiotics. Hopefully my body won't need any more. I will see how I do Wednesday til Friday then. 

The only thing I have found difficult as of late is the glands in my throat swell up and get sore, so then I need to drink loads and take Ibuprofen to reduce any swelling and possible fever. 

I also have traumatised muscles from all the time I have been coughing, it has strained the muscles under my ribs, so this has made it a great difficulty for me to drive.

I am hoping I can be able to drive soon, but I'm also told it can take up to a month for a grade 1 strained muscle to properly heal.

So that might mean when I go back to work next week I will have to be signed off any driving duties and get my Nan to pick me up and drop me off. She can't drive in the dark, so I will ask if I'm needed that part of the day if someone can drop me off then I can do the shift. 

Obviously I'm hoping I am a fast healer so I can drive. I don't want to be completely useless, but then I can't force myself as I could end up going back to square one again, which no-one wants.

Today I have edited a daily vlog for a readathon I am participating in.

I am going to head off now to do some more reading.
It was sunny earlier. I was going to sit outside and read. Now the sun has gone in. Guess that means I am sitting in the conservatory! 

Speak soon, folks!